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Why are all Watches set to the same time

Have you ever noticed or considered why all watches being promoted in sales literature or on commercials are all set the same time? If you haven’t noticed this before or have seen it but it had not crossed your mind, though the next time you spot an advert for a watch have a look at what the time is shown on the watch. Mens Army Analogue Quartz Watch

Most logos are at the top of the watch and your eyes are drawn in that direction and you the associate that watch and that brand. If the hands are pointing in most other directions they are likely to cover up the brand on the watch.

Alternatively in the unlikely event that the brand logo is located at the bottom of the watch then it would make sense to show the watch with the hands pointing down to 20 to 5.

Look through the Argos Catalogue or at the watches being sold in the Jewellers brochures and they are all on the same time. 

10 past 10 is the time shown on the watch advert, and there is one good reason for this strange commonality, and that’s because the watch hands show and frame the makers logo and brand very well. When you look at a promotional advert for a watch the first thing you see are the hands and the direction they are pointing in, draws you eye line and therefore you focus in on the brand.  

This phenomena is also know as happy time, and as some would say the ten to two or ten past ten resembles a smiley face!


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