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Umbrella Types

Here is Cubbypot's list of umbrella types

  • Classic
  • Automatic
  • Pocket
  • Bubble
  • Wind Resistant
  • Golf
  • Fun Artistic

Classic Umbrella Business SmartClassic Umbrella - T his is standard recognisable umbrella type. The type of umbrella you picture in your mind when thinking of an umbrella. Usually they are one-fold and fold flat to the shaft. Generally, longer in length that other umbrellas and one you would expect to see in a hat and coat stand.

A pointed top and curved handle make this umbrella stand out from the crowd.

The shaft is often made from wood, metal and even carbon fibre, with the canopy made of the standard pongee nylon fabric.


Portable automatic UmbrellaAutomatic Umbrellas – Automated umbrellas are designed to be opened and closed using one hand, or even just a thumb. They are often smaller in size allowing them to be easily carried in hand-bags or rucksacks etc. They usually also come with a cover or case keeping then neat and tidy.


Mini Portable Pocket UmbrellaPocket Umbrellas – Designed to be small and lightweight and portable, they are ideal to carry in your pocket or small bag, and perfect to be used during an unexpected shower. Being so small they often have a much smaller canopy and made from thinner and lighter materials they are often prone to be easily broken. This is often the case if used in moderate to strong winds and you soon find yourself without a brolly.


Clear Bubble Umbrella SaleBubble Umbrellas – The spherical shape of these umbrellas makes them easily recognisable as they stand out from the ret. Often the vogue in the 60s and 70s these umbrellas have gone out of fashion in the 21st century those still have some appeal. More often they are made from clear material or plastic given them that old-fashioned charm. 





Wind Weather Resistant QualityWind Resistant Umbrellas – With the improvement of technology comes the improvement of umbrella design and quality. High wind and very heavy rain often prevents the use of regular umbrellas, but these reinforced brollies can be used in environment with winds up to 50 miles per hour or more. They tend to have a much flatter canopy allowing the wind to pass over  without causing the umbrella to blow out.

Large Golfing Golf UmbrellaGolf – Golfing umbrellas tend to be over-sized to allow for both the golfer and the golf bag to stay dry. These brollies be as large as 180cm, and with a long shaft they are tall and broad enough to cover the golfer and clubs.

Usually seen on the side of the golfing trolley, though these days they have become popular for all occasions. The canopy either has the emblem of the sports company emblazoned it it or is usually patterned with two different colour alternating on the panels.


Fun Newspaper Print UmbrellaFun Artistic Umbrellas – Today with the use of ever improving printing techniques, anything can be added to the umbrella making them unique and distinct. An umbrella with someone’s face printed on it or a cartoon character would not be out of place down your local high street. They make a fun addition to the umbrella family.

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