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Top 9 Hand Bags and Purses

Here is Cubbypot's list of top 9 handbag styles.
  • The Day Clutch
  • The Day Satchel
  • The Crossbody Purse
  • The Dress Clutch
  • The Straw Basket
  • The Shoulder Bag
  • The Tote
  • The Day Bag
  • The Designer Bag


Day Clutch Purse SaleThe Day Clutch - A very neat, daytime clutch is a great option if you can handle to limited space and accept some things stay in the purse and some things must be left out. Some smaller clutches are smart and light, but you usually can’t take much more than a smartphone and lipstick.

Look for one that has a few pockets and dimensions to suit your usual style. Here is a really good option for a clutch which might be just what you need for those casual days and something smarter. Colour is important, and it makes sense to have a few different colours to match you outfit.


The Day Satchel - Day Satchel HangbagThe day satchel can be made from any material though often it comes in leather and is the mainstay of handbags. Often a medium to large top handle bag that holds almost anything from your tablet, phone and those other personal items you like to have.

Neutral colours are ideal especially in leather such as black or medium to dark brown. Of course, if it’s made of cloth then you can match the bag with your outfit.

The Day Satchel comes with double handles usually, and as the name suggests comes with a cross over body strap to keep it close to your chest.


The Crossbody Purse - Crossbody Purse HanfbagThe Crossbody Purse provides you with the freedom to move while keeping your important items close at hand and is more stylish than a rucksack. A good quality crossbody will have a sturdy adjustable strap and a front flap that is easy to fold-over, while giving you some added protection. Crossbody’s tend to be a bit lighter due to them being worn over the shoulder, while being large enough to carry some extra stuff.


The Evening or Dress Clutch Purse - The Evening or Dress Clutch PurseEveryone needs a Dress Clutch for those smart evening occasions, and most us have got at least one, the trick is finding the right purse for the right occasion and outfit. Most of us will need an evening clutch at some point, so the trick is to have one ready for the big night out, and preferably more than one in more than one colour. The Dress Clutch is timeless and ideally would be in a neutral colour to match up with your outfit. Why not add a bit of style to your wardrobe and go for a purse with a bit of glam, with either a gold or silver colour or something that sparkle.


The Straw Basket - The Straw Basket Handbag SaleThe straw basket is perfect fashion bag for those warm summer months, and is great as a carry-all bag. It’s an ideal summer carry-all bag and often comes in a larger size with double handle at the top.

Ideal to use with casual wear the straw basket looks great with a t-shirt and jeans. Perfect for the beach and often large enough to add your picnic and beach towel.


The Shoulder Bag - The Shoulder Bag Handbag SalesShoulder bags are perfect for the daily routine and offer that extra space to get everything in. they often come with a sporty feel, though also can look sophisticated and sleek when they need to be. As with the Crossbody the better quality often has a wider strap and is easily adjustable.

Leather or suede often look the best though all types of fabric are available and look smart, especially in the summer months.

There are a myriad of types and styles of shoulder bag and you have many options to suit your wardrobe.


The Tote Bag - The tote Handbag Bag SaleTote bags are ideal for shopping and carrying lots of items. Every woman really needs one of these bags. And not just a huge one to lug stuff around in but one that can also look good, professional and is designed well.

If you carry a electronic items such as a tablet or laptop back and forth from work, then this is the right bag for you. On the other hand, if you only have your wallet, a phone and some small items, you can use a tote, though pick a lighter one, maybe made from thin canvas fabric.


The Day Bag - The Day bag Handbag SaleThe day bag is the bag of your choice with so many bags covering this type. You can showcase your style with your very own special presence of bag. Match it to your outfit and look great. Be you with this bag.


The Designer Bag - Designer Bag Chanel VittonDoes anyone really need a designer bag? Of course you do, and consider it an investment that will last a lifetime. Go for a Chanel, Marie Claire or even a Burberry. These bags will stand on their own, making a statement and going beyond the trend.  They are expensive for most people, but it could be the one luxury bag that is worth the money.

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